Sweet Almond Pillar Candle 3x4


Add complex fragrance to your home with this stylish candle! With a self-trimming wick and little to no residue, this candle adds a touch of tasteful home décor, even when not lit.

  • The candle weighs 0.75 lbs and measures 3x3x4"
  • Made from long lasting paraffin wax combined with a variety of natural scents that will leave your home looking and smelling wonderful
  • Fill your home with stunning ambience and beautiful scents with this candle that will good anywhere you put it!
  • To clean your lighting décor dust lightly or wipe with damp cloth as needed.
  • When you need to relax, the comforting aroma of this sweet almond scent will calm your soul. Top notes of irresistible ripe pomelo, zesty tangerine and wild jasmine are paired with undertones of sweet and fruity strawberries. Finished with a touch of vanilla. Burn time: up to 60 hours.

SKU Number: 12011085
UPC Number: 843730076774
Material(s): Paraffin Wax
Brand: Sunrise Creek

Weight 0.79 lb 0.83 lb
Dimensions 3.00" x 3.00" x 4.00" 4.50" x 3.40" x 3.30"

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